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CNC Milling Mazak PFH-4800

CNC Milling

From small batches to high volume production quantities, Boyer Machine & Tool custom manufactures industrial parts with advanced CNC horizontal and vertical mills. By minimizing manual operations that lead to poor quality, the 30-80 tool magazine, multi-pallet CNC milling machines give our process the flexibility to manufacture complex parts at a single source. We exceed customer quality expectations by following rigorous "first-part inspection" procedures and documented Statistical Process Control measures.

In a streamlined, 100% CNC Milling facility, our expert machinists use hi-tech graphical interfaces and controllers for complete control of the production process. The versatile 30 HP and 20,000 rpm spindles can accommodate ...
CNC Turning Equipment

CNC Turning

Boyer Machine & Tool’s investment in an all-CNC turning process offers our customers a high-quality source for custom precision parts, such as check valves, nozzles, connectors, and spacers. We are capable of fabricating high volume orders and low volume quantities, our precision lathes can handle parts with up to 19" diameters.

The Boyer CNC equipment includes 40 tool magazine machining centers, each with two lathe spindles and one milling spindle. This one-setup multi-spindle manufacturing advantage eliminates the need for costly secondary operations, such as boring, tapping, off-center drilling, and angular milling.

We maintain both speed and accuracy by using sophisticated controllers, auto-load bar feed ...
Swiss Turning Cincom-Citizen

Swiss Machining

With our complete line of Citizen-Cincom Swiss screw machines, Boyer Machine & Tool can fabricate custom threaded parts for prototyping or high volume production batches. By utilizing Swiss turning machines with (5) axes, overlapping tool post operations, and high speed threading functions, our experienced employees are capable of producing miniature custom nozzles, spacers, screws, drive shafts, and pins with diameters of up to 1 1/4” and lengths of 12 1/2".

With the combination of faster rapid traverses, higher spindle speeds, less vibration, and automated bar feed systems, the Citizen-Cincom machines are more efficient and precise than other turning processes. Using the latest quality procedures and equipment, quality ...
Product Finishing & Assembly Finished Products

Product Finishing & Assembly

From drawing analysis to part assembly, Boyer Machine & Tool offers the convenience of a single source for the entire production process. Each machined part receives a standard de-burring, ultra-sonic washing and vibratory finishing. We can also perform high tolerance polishing based on the part specifications.

Boyer Machine & Tool works with ISO 9001:2008 certified business partners for any other finishing operations. These finishing options include electroplating of gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, and tin and annealing, hardening, and stress relieving.

Many customers recognize an opportunity for greater efficiency and quality assurance in having us assemble parts for them. Typically this involves both Boyer ...
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Equipment

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

At Boyer Machine & Tool, we offer the most precise, highly advanced EDM services available. Working exclusively with the Mitsubishi M750 Series FA10S machine, we ensure the best results. This 5-axis EDM machine has some of the most sophisticated features of any machine on the market.

We work within extremely tight tolerances: ± .00005 inches machining tolerance, ± .0002 inches complete cutting area tolerance. We are capable of cutting a full range of metals. We work with wire diameters ranging from Ø.004 to .012 inches, and our maximum taper angle is 15° at 4.0 inches thickness. Our machining range is 13.7 x 9.8 x 8.6 inches.

Our highly precise EDM services suit the demands of a range of industries, from ...