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Swiss Machining Services

With our complete line of Citizen-Cincom Swiss screw machines, Boyer Machine & Tool can fabricate custom threaded parts for prototyping or high volume production batches. By utilizing Swiss turning machines with (5) axes, overlapping tool post operations, and high speed threading functions, our experienced employees are capable of producing miniature custom nozzles, spacers, screws, drive shafts, and pins with diameters of up to 1 1/4" and lengths of 12 1/2".

With the combination of faster rapid traverses, higher spindle speeds, less vibration, and automated bar feed systems, the Citizen-Cincom machines are more efficient and precise than other turning processes. Using the latest quality procedures and equipment, quality control plays an essential role at Boyer from the first part through final inspection. This translates into production cost savings that maintain our competitive pricing advantage.

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CNC Swiss Machining Equipment

(1) Citizen-Cincom K16E VIIP
(1) Citizen-Cincom L32 Vlll

(1) Citizen-Cincom M32Y V

(2) Citizen-Cincom C32 Vlll

(2) Citizen-Cincom L20 Vlll


Positioning Accuracy: ± 0.0001
Repeatability: ± 0.0005"


Aluminum (Bar or Cast)


Carbon Steel

Cast Iron








Stainless Steel

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Diesel Engines
  • Electronics
  • Medical/Health Care
  • Military
  • Research

Part Analysis

Part Analysis Process

Boyer Machine & Tool ensures a quick lead time by performing a detailed part compatibility analysis with our E-spirit, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks design software programs. Our experienced engineering staff will advise on modifications that will reduce production costs and increase the part's functionality requirements.

Part Analysis Software

Esprit - CAM System (3D) Full Integration of Drawing and Programming, Plus Error Free bi-directional data communications (using IGES, DXF & Parasolid Data exchange protocols)


Autodesk Inventor


Machinery's Handbook CD

Preferred Drawing Submission

.pdf, .dwg, .dxf, .xb, .xt, .stp, and SolidWorks (.sldprt)

Quality Control


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 2012-2015

CMM Equipment

(2) Brown & Sharpe MISTRAL" 070705 CNC Coordinate Measuring System

Optical Measuring

(1) J & L Classic 14T Comparator with Quadra-Chek 2000 Storage Programming System
(1) Oasis Optical Inspection System

(1) Sciencescope Vision System with 15" monitor and image captive card

(1) Unitron Tool - Makers Microscope & Accessories

(1) Vision Engineering QC 300 Video & Optical Measuring Microscope (With image capture & analysis)

(2) Contour Projection Model OQ-14A with Clip Plus Vision Controller

(3) Bausch & Lomb Zoom Inspection Microscopes & Stands

(3) Fowler Stereo Inspection Microscopes & Stands

(3) Vision Engineering Microscope (Mantis)

Data Management

(1) SQC Pack 2000 4.6 Software
(2) GagePack 2000

(2) PC-DMIS CAD V4.2 CMM Software

(26) Wedege Link Lite - Software

Finishing Equipment

Product Finishing Equipment

(1) Cushman Indexing Unit With Automatic Controls
(1) Dividing Head (12")

(1) Electro-Burring Machine-Capacity: 4 cu. ft.

(1) Hass NC Rotary Collet Fixture-Interfaced to CNC Control

(1) Hass NC Rotary Table (12")-Interface to CNC Control

(1) News Indexing Fixture

(1) Slo-Syn Rotary Table (12")

(1) Thompson TC Mill & Drill Table (12" x 18")

(1) Troyke Rotary Table (15")

(2) Dividing Head (6")

(3) Foredom Flex Shaft De-Burring Units

(4) Hand Grinders (For Part De-Burring)

(4) Telessis Pin Marking Systems (one with rotary indexer)

Grinding & Honing Equipment

(1) Black Granite Lapping Plate-Capacity: 12" x 24"
(1) Covel Universal Tool & Cutter Grinders

(1) Darex Precision Drill Sharpener-Model: M4/5

(1) Millport ll Surface Grinder- Capacity: 6" x 18"

(1) Royal Master Centerless Grinder-Model TG12x4

(1) Rush 252 Drill, Mill, Tap Grinder

(1) Shigiya Cylindrical Grinder-Capacity: 6" x 10"

(1) Sunnen Honing Machine-Model: MBC-1804 (with auto sizing and power stroking)

(2) Contour Grinders-Hand

(2) Covel Surface Grinders-Capacity: 6" x 18"

(2) DedTru Centerless Grinding Attachments

(2) Okamoto Surface Grinders-Capacity: 12" x 24"

Part Cleaning Equipment

(1) AQUA Systems Water Purification System (Reverse Osmosis)
(1) Binks Paint Booth

(1) Econoline Mini Sandblasting Unit

(1) Electro-Arc Metal Disintegrator

(1) Kleer-flo Powermaster Parts Cleaning System (Wash - Rinse - Dial Temp Tunnel Dryer)

(1) Landa High Pressure Steam Cleaner

(1) Lyman Small Parts Tumbler-Model: 3200

(1) Lyman Small Parts Tumbler-Model: 600

(1) Ney Envirosink Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System (Wash - Rinse - Heated Air Drying)

(1) Rosemont Vibratory Finishing Machine-Capacity: 2.8 cu. ft.

(1) Sweco Vibratory Finishing Machine-Capacity: 2 cu. ft.

(1) Tanac Coil Winder (AW9004 Multi Spindle Winder)

(1) Trinco Dry Blast Sandblasting Unit

(1) Vacuum Packaging System

(1) Water Wringer (coolant evaporating system)

(2) Binks Paint Spraying Systems

(2) Fluid Research Advantage Dispensers

(4) Ultra-Sonic Part Washers

(6) Graymills Part Washers

Process Equipment

Manual Milling Equipment

(1) Adcock-Shipley Horizontal Milling Machine
(1) Burke Milllrite Vertical Milling Machine

(1) Tree Vertical Milling Machine

(2) Bridgeport Series l "J" Head Vertical Mills with Digital Readout Systems

Manual Turning Equipment

(1) Clausing Colchester Gap Bed
(1) Clausing Precision Lathe

(4) Hardinge Precision Chucker Model HC

(6) Hardinge Precision Speed Lathes Model HSL- 59

Sawing/Sanding Equipment

(1) Daito NC Cutoff Machine (Model: GA 260W)
(1) Diamond Abrasive Cutoff Saw

(1) Grob 18" Band Saw

(1) Johnson Cutoff Saw

(1) Kalamazoo Circular Blade Cutoff Saw

(2) 4" Belt Sanders

(3) 6" Belt Sanders

(4) 2" Belt Sanders

(6) 1" Belt Sanders

Sheet Metal & Welding Equipment

(1) Acetylene Welding Unit-With Accessories
(1) Di-Acro Notcher

(1) Hydraulic Press Floor Model-50 Ton

(1) Hydraulic Press Table Model-5000 Ton

(1) Miller Arc Welder 250 AMP

(1) Pan Brake- Capacity 4' ft.

(1) Precision Hand Shear- Capacity 24"

(1) Roussalle Punch Press-20 Ton

(1) Wysong Air Shear- Capacity 6' ft.-16 Gage Steel

(3) Di-Acro Piercer (Assortment of Punches & Dies)

Drilling & Tapping Equipment

(1) Brother Leadscrew Tapper-Model: BTO-263
(1) Clausing Floor Model Drillpress-Capacity: 20"

(1) Current EDM Drilling Machine-Capacity: 0.004" - 0.250" x 6" depth

(15) Delta Drill presses

(2) Bendix Automatic Drill Units-3 HP

(2) DuMore #20 High Speed Drill Units with Automatic Controls

(2) Micro Drill Presses

(2) Walker-Turner Floor Model Drillpresses with Assorted Tapping Units

(3) Aro Automatic Drill Units-Air Controlled

(3) Commander Multi-Drill Units-Model: 500

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Measurement Equipment
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ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 2012-2015
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